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How To Use The Drawstring Backpack Rope


The drawstring bag combines fashion and classic design styles in design, mature and stable, and elegant in simplicity.

The body material of the drawstring bag mainly uses soft materials such as non-woven fabrics, cotton fabrics, satin, velvet, and nylon fabrics, and some use linen materials. Non-woven drawstring bags are relatively cheap, simple to make, and have good advertising effects; however, due to the inherent characteristics of non-woven fabrics, they cannot be used for a long time. Under natural conditions, non-woven fabrics can be used for three to five years. The price of the non-woven drawstring bag is mainly determined according to its specifications, fabric weight, printing requirements, and rope requirements. Non-woven drawstring bags are mainly used for product outer packaging and inner packaging (such as shoe inner packaging), requiring thin fabrics or gift packaging.

Drawstring bags are also called shrink pockets, tight pockets, lock pockets, drawstring bags, and drawstring backpack bags. It is a packaging bag made by using various ropes to tie the mouth of the bag tightly to prevent the contents from leaking. It is widely used in gift and product packaging.

How to use the drawstring bag rope:

(1) Grasp the two ropes with both hands. This process is very simple, but it is important to use both hands to grasp the two ropes of the backpack at the same time, not separately.

(2) Gently pull the two ropes horizontally in the opposite direction. The rope is pulled in the opposite direction, and it is pulled horizontally, not the two ropes are pulled to the same side.

(3) When the mouth of the backpack is almost closed, stop pulling the rope. If the mouth of the backpack is too exposed, the items will fall off easily, so be careful to tighten the mouth.

(4) Grasp the two ropes and carry the backpack. At the same time grabbed and carried the schoolbag.

(5) If there is an uneven rope on one side, you can choose to pull the other side until the ropes on both sides are level.

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