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Tips to Help You Organize Your Kiddo’s Toys

Toys may look innocent enough, but give that cute clutter a chance to start piling up, and you’ll soon find yourself battling a hostile toy takeover! Need reinforcements? These clever toy storage ideas are ready and willing to join you in your never-ending cleaning quest to see the carpet.

DIY These Felt Storage Bins


These beautiful crafting felt storage baskets, spotted on Cozy Little Nest, cost very little and take just minutes to make. Lightweight and flexible, they could even be hung from a row of hooks and mounted above a desk for easy-to-reach craft or Lego storage.

Craft This Amazing Grab-And-Go Drawstring Storage Bag


Sick of finding the Lego bin dumped out all over the floor? This crazy clever storage bag featured on All Free Sewing is the DIY answer to your parenting prayers.

Open the pouch to spread out the Legos. When it’s time to pick up, simply pull the drawstring and boom: You’re done!

Use an Over-The-Door Shoe Storage Rack to Organize Legos


If your kids are older, you may need a more sophisticated solution to the Lego problem. This clever hack shared on Kid’s Activities Blog, allows you to separate your building blocks by color or even by individual set.

Use a Hanging Closet Organizer to Store Board Games


Stacking board games often leads to Jenga-like messes. Pull out one, and they all come tumbling down!

Need a smarter solution? Try this clever storage hack featured on Fennel Seeds. The cubby separators prevent your game stack from toppling while the built-it hangers keep the whole mess off of the floor.

Have more ideas of the kid’s toys storage safe and clean? Tell us!!!

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