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The Affordable of the Status Canvas Tote You Must Have One (We Can Make It)

A free canvas tote emblazoned with your fave book store or band says a lot more about you than a pricey It bag

The music tote

Unlike the concert tee, the music tote adds an I’m-with-the-band cool factor without compromising your Instagram-approved #OOTD. I wish I’d bought this one at Desert Daze last year.


The wine snob tote

When you know your gamay from your grüner veltliner and you want every else to know it, too. Carry your bottles of (natural) wine in a tote from that winery you visited last summer in the County, or maybe this eye catcher from notorious London wine bar and magazine Noble Rot.


The logo tote

For a designer splurge that will carry you from a fancy brunch to a flight, look no further than Dior’s colourful canvas bag, which was It at Paris Fashion Week in March.


The fitness tote

Whatever your poison (SoulCycle, Barry’s, Equinox), chances are you’re as devoted to your workout spot as I am to mine (Toronto’s Misfit Studio).


The literary tote

Without a doubt, this is the most popular canvas tote sub-genre because, duh, these book bags make you look super intellectual. I’ve spotted bags around town from bookstores, publishing companies and magazines. Want your own New Yorker tote? They’re free! But you’ve got to support the magazine by buying a 12-week-subscription first.


The hometown pride tote

I don’t know about where you live but Toronto is gaga for self-promotion, and it’s an urge that extends to tote design.


The traveller tote

While researching this story, I heard of a friend of a friend on an extended trip whose plan was to buy a tote in each city. They make a great souvenir, and the Harrods shopper bag is a classic that’s perfect for toting your lunch to work.


The feminist tote

Because every bit helps on the road to gender equality.


The wellness tote

The wellness movement has a complicated relationship with status, and a cheap tote from a brand like Moon Juice conveys that you likely spent a fortune on mushroom powders.


The political tote

Turning the canvas tote into a double entendre, the political tote is perfect for those without a lawn for a campaign sign.


If you have any new idea or designs need us to make a unique canvas tote, please do not hesitate to contact us.